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Welcome to Taking Pure Joy! Thank you for visiting! My name is Teddy Danielson. I am a twenty-seven year old woman from Santa Cruz, CA with a passion for all things food. I have been working as a private chef for about 4 years with my main focus being on providing weekly meal prep and delivery for busy individuals and families with specific dietary needs and/not not enough time in the day to cook the meals that they (and their bodies) want. In the past year I have been growing my business, expanding into small party catering and teaching cooking classes. I love all avenues equally and am eager to bring my passion to those of you looking to expand your culinary horizons. 

Now...a little bit about my background...

After graduating from Mills College with my BA in psychology, I hopped on a flight to Italy to follow my heart. I was ready to have a deep love affair with food. I stayed in Florence for a year, studying with the incredible Marcella Ansaldo at her culinary school, Giglio Cooking. Pizza, pasta, gnocchi, classic Tuscan soups, fish dishes that make you salivate just looking at them, pastry, gelato, and so much more. I wanted to learn it all and I sure did. After 6 months of daily classes, I decided I needed to explore more, so I moved to Lucca, a smaller, less Americanized city in Tuscany. This is where I fell in love with real Italian food...not just the stuff they feed you at the restaurants with top Yelp reviews. And this is what I want to bring to your table. 

Please take a moment to browse my website. Don't be afraid to drool a little bit over the exciting menus and foodie photos it holds. 

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Thanks for visiting! Please do not hesitate to contact Taking.Pure.Joy with inquiries! Hopeful collaborators (farms, wineries, breweries, venues, etc.) please write "Let's Collaborate" in the subject line.

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