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It’s Friday!!!! Well…almost. Thank you so much for working with me as I streamline the ordering process. You may have noticed already but, just in case you haven’t, let me highlight a few new goodies.

(1) As I am sure you have noticed, I have started sending out text message reminders to send in your menu suggestions from a new phone number. This is simply a way for me to put your suggestions in one place so that I can keep track of them better. I will also be using this number to send out reminders to order on Fridays mid-morning, so keep an eye out! If this is ever too much for you, feel free to opt out by replying “stop”.

(2) Again (we are so excited!), make sure to visit our new website where you can find our updated menu + announcements, stay current on our ordering process + get some of your more frequently asked questions answered, read our latest blog posts, and more!

(3) Speaking of blogs, our latest dives deeper on how to order smart so as to fit within your budget. Check it out here. We give some tips and tricks on how making your own simple sides to complement your Taking Pure Joy entrees can save you a pretty penny.

(4) I am always looking to refine our process and to improve your experience, so if you have any feedback or any questions you would like to see answered on our How it Works page, I would be thrilled if you would send them my way.

(5) Please, please, please remember to return your containers this week! Simply place a bag of your empties on your doorstep for our driver, Megan, to pick up!

Ok that’s all in the way of announcements! Here is your menu for next week!


Sautéed Brussels Sprouts add pork belly

Classic Ratatouille

Shrimp Scampi with Creamy Lemon + Spring Pea Pasta request gluten and/or dairy free

Salmon Tacos with Mango + Peach Salsa

Crispy Skin BBQ Chicken

Vietnamese Chicken Meatballs request rice

Spaghetti Squash Casserole with Turkey + Kale + Goat Cheese request vegetarian OR dairy free

Savory Turkish Lamb Galette (free form pie) request casava flour for gluten free

GIANT Chocolate Chip Cookies


Kale Caesar Salad request to add shrimp OR chicken

Baked Mac ‘n Cheese request gluten free

Panfried Whitefish marinated in Indian spiced yogurt sauce with caramelized onions

Sweet + Sour Cashew Prawns with sautéed veggies

Crispy Lemon Chicken over Cabbage + Spring Peas + Radishes

Tuscan Chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes + spinach + sheep feta request dairy free

Chicken Marbella crispy chicken thighs stewed in prunes and green olives

24 Hour Marinated Chimichurri Skirt Steak

Sun-Dried Tomato + Pesto Frittata

Specific dietary needs? No problem! I am confident in my ability to make substitutions that will maintain the integrity of the desired dish while keeping you on track with your diet. Just pick your items and specify your needs.