Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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For busy individuals, couples, and families

Feeling swamped? Finding it exhausting to come home and cook a healthy meal for you and yours after a long day? I've got you. With plans ranging from dinner prep and serve 1-7 days per week to full on breakfast/lunch/dinner prep, serve, and everything in between, we can find something that fits your needs. We can work with diets ranging from Raw Vegan to Omnivore to Paleo...you name it! 

Popular plans include: 

Seasonal Soup + Fresh Bread by Taking.Pure.Joy + Prepped Salad (great for lunches and weight loss)

Take and Bake Entrees (ready to pop in the oven)

Dinner Time Delivery (fresh, hot, to your door)

In home meal prep + serve + clean up

Clean Eating (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner resetting your mind, bod, & soul)

Most customers sign up for a weekly plan, however we are more than willing to take smaller requests. Please shoot us an email so that we can get going on building you a menu and browse some options while you are at it here!

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