Healthy Salad


For busy individuals, couples, and families

Feeling swamped? Finding it exhausting to come home and cook a healthy meal for you and yours after a long day? Time to take that off of your plat and put it onto mine. Having my own set of needs and wants around how I fuel my body, I understand that everyone has unique dietary restrictions and taste preferences. That's why I work closely with you and your loved ones to create the perfect plan. Vegan? Omnivore? Pescatarian? Vegetarian? You name it, I've got you!

How it Works

I work with clients on a weekly basis, providing a number of dishes (most clients select 6-9) split between 1-2 deliveries depending on client preferences/budget. Each week, I send a menu tailored specifically to your family's dietary needs/taste preferences. The menu includes ~4-10 options in a variety of categories (salads, soups, veggie sides, carb-based sides, meat entrees, fish entrees, veggie entrees). From this menu, you select your desired dishes and the days you would like them delivered, specifying number of servings for each dish*. From there, I do all of the shopping, cooking, and packaging and deliver the items to your refrigerator to be enjoyed throughout the week. I charge a flat labor rate per dish plus the groceries. 

* Serving numbers are up to you within reason! So feel free to order up to 8 servings of any dish at the same labor cost. Just remember that the grocery bill will reflect that decision ;) 

** Keep in mind that this menu was tailored specifically to this omnivore's needs.